They are the foundation for our success

Our employees – our added value

"We are proud of our employees because they represent the success of our company. We create optimal conditions for this – and thus the best prerequisites for high motivation and a heightened sense of responsibility. We are committed and will always be there to support you in your professional and personal development. And as a training company, we take great care to ensure that we have the best-placed, competent and future-proof skilled personnel."

Hendrik Del Rosario

Respectful and Open

The Management

We are delighted to introduce you to our team. Many employees have been working with us for years – probably also because we promote respectful and open interaction with each other.

Hendrik Del Rosario


Klaus Walter


Competent and Reliable

Our Sales Department

If products deliver what the sales team promises, everyone is happy in the end. Our customers rely on exactly that – and in many cases have been doing so for many years. Because they are looked after by a competent and committed team that reliably takes are of every request and always has an open ear for individual wishes and questions.

Frank Magnabosco

Sales Department

Alexander Schwengler

Sales Department

Corina Cammann

Sales Department

Rolf Wotke


Dr. Dirk Nußhär

Business Development Manager

Isaias Reboloso


Birte Holzer


Beate Witte


Patrick Stark


Eva Hummel

Customer Service

Tamara Witte

Customer Service

Guidance and Support

Our Human Resources Department

We take care of our employees from the first application, through joining our company and on to the last day of work. We also advise our managers and are responsible for payroll accounting and our time management.

Michael Bock

Human Resources

Anita Galandi

Human Resources

Andrea Grützmacher

Human Resources

Calculating and Checking

Our Finance

Sound financial accounting and controlling are an important prerequisite for good and profitable business. Billing and invoice verification are in the best hands with us.

Diana Auer

Head of

Patricia Agnoli


Christiane Balduf


Ordering and Distribution

Our Purchasing

A well-organised procurement system guarantees our employees that they always have the materials they need when they need them. This includes trust-based supplier management – one of our great strengths.

Kornelia Stein


Assure and Certify

Our Quality Management

The quality of our work and products is first and foremost for us! So, the department takes on all classic QM tasks with certification management, quality assurance and complaints management.

Andreas Seyfferth

Quality Management / Quality Manager / QMB

Martin Hofmann

Quality Management / Quality Manager

Analysis and Monitoring

Our Laboratory

Our in-house laboratory is something special. There we can carry out all the necessary testing procedures: from analytics to process monitoring as well as all the necessary investigations.

Dr. Benedikt Wolfram

Laboratory Manager

Ute Hass


Silvia Burghardt


Hajar Ouarda


Kerstin Fischhöfer


Vanessa Horn


Communication and Support

Environmental protection and occupational safety

Occupational safety and environmental protection are important issues for us that require good relationships with the authorities, agencies and public bodies. We check whether all relevant laws and requirements are complied with and support the departments in this.

Alexander Schubert

Head of Environmental Protection / Safety

Movement of Goods and Storage

Our Logistics

We work with comprehensive logistics programs to ensure that we always know which goods we have or need. They document all movements – from goods receipt to storage to goods dispatch.

Antonio Suma

Head of Logistics

Repairs and Care

Our Maintenance

Our company uses complex technologies and electronics. Consequently, in all departments, we maintain equipment, plant technology and the rack and fixtures construction. This maintenance ensures that our processes remain sustainable.

Jochen Lutz

Head of Maintenance

Dominik Bernauer

Team Leader - Plant Technology / Jig and Fixture Construction

Innovative and Engaged

Our Production

Technological progress is accelerating. Good that our production has important changes and further developments on its radar! Our team regularly undergoes further training thus ensuring the necessary updates in the production processes. This is how progress works!

Joao Paulo Rodrigues

Head of Production

Eduard Reichert

Head of Department - Powder Coating

Bogdan Palcu

Team Leader Masking

Marc Dürhagen

Production Controller for Large-Scale Eloxal

Eduardo Huingo

Production Controller

Erdinic Karipoglu

Production Controller

Götz Bahn

Production Controller
Chemical Nickel-plating

Dirk Schmiel

Hard Eloxal

Patrick Taubenberger

Production Controller - Hard Eloxal (Manual)

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