Regular checks

Process reliability as decisive success factor

Our in-house laboratory makes sure that your components are monitored for quality from the start. In addition to daily analyses of the baths in the various finishing processes, the laboratory directs all prescribed quality, process, and results inspections and also carefully documents them for you. In this case, state-of-the-art devices are used to ensure consistent quality of analysis.

We offer our laboratory analyses as a service to our customers in order to guarantee the highest levels of process reliability for components.

We carry out these analyses and test procedures:


pH value measurements

Conductivity measurements


Photometric measurements


Ion chromatography (IC)


Test method

Alkali resistance test
(pH 12,5)

Kesternich test

Salt spray test (NSS)

Taber abrasion

Temperature resistance test

Cross-cut test

Layer thickness measurement

Condensate Climatic tests

Breakaway test

Etch pitting test

Colour drop test

High-tech for analyses

State-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified specialist staff

Our analyses and testing procedures always revolve around quality. This is why we use only the most up-to-date equipment that guarantees constant analyses quality.

We possess:

  • Condensate testing equipment of type CON 300-FL for condensate climatic tests
  • VLM corrosion testing cabinet type SAL 400-FL for salt spray mist tests
  • Kesternich testing cabinet
  • High-end titrator Titrando 90

We ensure our quality by

  • constantly improving and optimising our processes and services
  • checking the quality through quality management with selected methods and tools
  • continuously optimising our energy performance
  • avoiding negative environmental impacts and using resources consciously
  • continuously developing our employees
  • acting in a results-oriented manner
  • measuring the product quality produced, environmental aspects and energy consumption using key figures
  • motivating our employees towards individual and joint commitment to the continuous and innovative improvement of the company’s processes

Comprehensive laboratory

This is where the daily analyses of the baths for the various finishing processes take place. We also carry out the prescribed tests on the treated products and document all tests.

Ion chromatography (IC)

In our analytical laboratory, we can determine the smallest quantities of ions qualitatively and quantitatively with the high-precision Metrohm 930 Compact IC Flex ion chromatograph. This allows us to identify different anions like nitrate, sulphate or fluoride, in-house.

ICP-OES (Inductively coupled plasma - optical emission spectroscopy)

The state-of-the-art ICP-OES spectroscope is also able to determine minute quantities of ions qualitatively and quantitatively. So we identify different cations like aluminium, iron, chromium – or also anions like phosphate and sulphate.

Salt spray test

During process monitoring, we carry out corrosion tests in our VLM 400-FL and VLM 400-S salt spray chambers. The chambers are used regularly under standard conditions to check the baths.

X-ray fluorescence analyser (XRF)

Our XRF Thermo Fischer Niton XL3t is used for process monitoring. It determines metals locally in alloys or layers and thus helps to check test panels or specific layers.

Taber abrasion test

During process verification, we use the Taber abrasion test to determine the abrasion and wear resistance of certain coatings. The test is regularly used by us under standard conditions in the process verification of the baths.

Digital microscope

State-of-the-art digital microscopes are used to monitor the processes. This allows the smallest structures, such as etching pits or pores, to be made visible. With the appropriate software, the surface topography can be visualised in the micrometre range